Best Selling Korean Albums: Week Ending July 19, 2018


As Korean music continues to gain traction in the United States charts, here’s a look at the week’s best selling albums (sales ending July 19). Adapted from Billboard’s World Albums chart with non-Korean records removed. This week’s list features BTS, BLACKPINK and SEVENTEEN among others.

BTS Leads
‘Love Yourself 轉 Tear’ (released May 2018) repeats as the top selling Korean language record in the United States for an eighth non-consecutive week. With over 6,000 copies moved, ‘Tear’ surprisingly outsells the rest of the top 5 combined. Meanwhile, predecessor ‘Love Yourself 承 Her’  holds steady at #2 with a 12% jump to nearly 3,500 sold and ‘You Never Walk Alone’ is up 168% week over week.

SEVENTEEN Starts Strong
SEVENTEEN’s ‘You Make My Day’ is the top debut as it starts with 1,300 copies sold, representing the group’s fourth best sales week to date. They have previously topped the World Albums chart with both ‘Boys Be’ and ‘Teen, Age’.

Despite a 27% sales dip this week for the group’s recent ‘Square Up EP’, BLACKPINK hangs on in the top 5. ‘Up’ has now sold over 12,000 copies in the United States, a relatively strong total for a K-album.

MAMAMOO’s ‘Red Moon EP’ posts the second biggest debut of the week, opening in the top 5 with over 600 sold — a new best sales week. Although not the group’s strongest chart performance, ‘Moon’ is MAMAMOO’s fifth non-consecutive top 10 on World Albums. It’s also their highest ranked record since 2017’s chart-topping ‘Purple’.

Rank, Artist – Album, Sales this week
#1 BTS – ‘Love Yourself 轉 Tear’ 6,400
#2 BTS – ‘Love Yourself 承 Her’ 3,500
#3 SEVENTEEN – ‘You Make My Day’ 1,300
#4 MAMAMOO – ‘Red Moon EP’ 600
#5 BLACKPINK – ‘Square Up EP’ 500
#6 BTS – ‘You Never Walk Alone’ 200
#7 Crush – ‘Wonderlost EP’ 200
#8 Got7 – ‘The New Era’ 170
#9 GFRIEND – ‘Sunny Summer’ 160
#10 TWICE – ‘Summer Nights’ 130


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