Ariana Grande Lands Spotify Win


Ariana Grande’s just released “God is a woman” is off to a good start at Spotify. The track, the third overall release from the forthcoming ‘Sweetener’, powered its way to a 3.72 million opening day launch at the service (#9 globally).

Such a start gives the track the fourth biggest Spotify debut among tracks by lead female artists. With prior single “no tears left to cry” claiming the second largest debut by a woman, Ariana Grande now claims two of the top 5 slots.

With 1.47 million streams in the United States alone, the track was also the top debut on the daily US Spotify chart (#8).


  • The count inside the Spotify application for “God is a woman” read 4.2 million. However, the 3.72 million count is official per Spotify’s archive.
  • Taylor Swift’s “Look What You Made Me Do” recorded 7.91 million via Spotify’s archive. More recent reports suggest it topped 10.1 million upon release (in regards to XXXTentacion’s “SAD!” breaking the overall record). This updated figure was reportedly confirmed by a “source” in June, but not by Spotify. Until Spotify comments on an updated figure, all future updates regarding “Look What You Made Me Do” will be held at 7.91 million.



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