Kanye West’s ‘808s & Heartbreak’ Nearing 3x Platinum


Kanye Wests’s 2008 album, which produced the hits “Love Lockdown” and “Heartless”, has officially surpassed 1.9 million in pure sales in the United States.

With 10 million in RIAA certified units for its singles, ‘808s & Heartbreak’ could be up for a 3x Platinum certification through the RIAA. Using the ratio of 10 single units to 1 album sale, the album has notched up over 1m units from single equivalents and at least 2.9 million total RIAA units.

However, two of the tracks that are contributing to that sum of 10m single units could be due for upgrades of their own. Lead single “Love Lockdown” currently stands at 3x Platinum, but hasn’t been certified since 2010 (before RIAA added streams to album and single totals) while “Amazing” is Platinum. The latter achieved its status in 2015.

In addition, the United States streams and sales from other tracks on the album will be bundled into the hypothetical new certification.

Although not all streaming data is presently public for this release, it’s likely that ‘808s & Heartbreak’ has either already crossed or is close to crossing the 3x Platinum threshold.


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