BTS’ ‘Love Yourself’ Series Hits 300,000 Pure


BTS’ breakthrough albums ‘Love Yourself 轉 Tear’ and ‘Love Yourself 承 Her’ have now sold a combined 300,000 pure copies in the United States.

The majority of the total can be attributed to former Billboard 200 #1 album ‘Tear’, which has moved 170,000 pure copies through the week ending July 5, 2018. Meanwhile, ‘Her’ has notched up sales of 128,000 since its release last fall.

Including an expected 4,000 copies for ‘Tear’ and perhaps another 1,000 for ‘Her’ in the week ending July 12, the two ‘Love Yourself’ albums now stand at approximately 303,000 combined copies.

Update: ‘Tear’ and ‘Her’ remain the two best selling Korean albums in the United States for the week ending July 12.



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